How to Use Trusts

We realize that in today's complicated financial world, you have many choices in financial partners. At Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, we provide comprehensive services that go far beyond the buying and selling of investments. You decide the extent of our role in your trust and/or investment management relationship. Based on your specific needs, our trust services may include the following: 

  1. Estate Planning and Administration: We will assist in planning for a smooth and orderly disposition of your wealth to the people or organizations that matter to you. Our skilled professionals can help you review and understand all of the legal documents prepared by your attorney. Whatever your long-term financial goals, we will administer your trust based on your specifications. You may also designate our Trust department to act as executor of your estate. We will serve as a neutral third party in these critical affairs, providing a structured, efficient and unbiased transfer of assets at a time of high family stress. 
  2. Investment Management Services: At Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, investment decisions are made locally by an experienced and knowledgeable investment management team. We have access to thousands of investment choices and the latest financial information. In addition, unlike many bank trust departments, we do not have internally managed proprietary mutual funds, collective funds or common funds. We also avoid the common practice of forming alliances with fund groups, which can create a conflict of interest between generating revenue for the investment professional and acting in the best interest of the client. These practices enable us to maintain complete objectivity in investment selection and focus exclusively on your interests. 
  3. Other Financial Services: Over time, you will discover that our trust officers can offer valuable insight into other financial matters.