EZ Switch

Switching your accounts to Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust has never been easier. With our EZ Switch Kit, you have all the necessary paperwork to help you from start to finish. We can help you change your direct deposit, update any automatic withdrawals, and even close your account(s) at another financial institution. Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust makes it easy with a step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Establish your Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust account. Not sure what type of account best suits your needs? View our checking account options or contact any of our friendly and knowledgeable Account Executives at 319.862.2728. We are more than happy to walk you through our various products and services to help you determine what will best meet your financial goals. 

Step 2

To change your Automatic Withdrawals and/or Direct Deposits, utilize our convenient forms below. Click on the applicable form(s) or contact any of our Account Executives. We will complete as much of the form(s) for you as possible...even mail it for you. It's that easy!

  • Automatic Payment Form - Use this to change your automatic withdrawals from your previous account. (i.e. your electric bill, memberships, etc.)
  • Payroll/Direct Deposit Form- Use this to switch your payroll or other direct deposits into your new Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust account.

Step 3

Monitor your previous account to verify that all outstanding checks, withdrawals and deposits have cleared or been changed to your new Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust account. Once you have verified this, print and complete the Account Closing Notification form or contact any of our Account Executives.

Step 4

Enjoy your new relationship with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust. We greatly value your business and remain dedicated to always being People you can bank on.®