Our Retail Banking Team

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will experience prompt, friendly and personal service at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust. Our staff works with you to understand your financial goals and helps you achieve them through tailored solution - all while providing exceptional service. We enjoy getting to know our clients and often greet them by name. At Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, you are more than just a number. We value your business and strive to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship.


Photo of Brittney Clarke, Vice President and Retail Banking Manager
Brittney Clarke, VP/Retail Manager, NMLS 509187
Photo of Abby, Account Executive
Abby, Account Executive, NMLS 1184190
Photo of Cheyenne, Teller
Cheyenne, Teller
Photo of Colleen, Teller
Colleen, Teller
Photo of Felicia, Account Executive
Felicia, Account Executive, NMLS 1415559
Photo of Jeannie, Director of First Impressions
Jeannie, Director of First Impressions
Photo of Karlie, Account Executive
Karlie, Account Executive, NMLS 1502118
Photo of Marcia, Head Teller
Marcia, Head Teller
Photo of Monroe, Teller
Monroe, Teller
Photo of Shelley, Assistant Vice President of Retail Banking
Shelley, AVP/Retail
Photo of Tiana, Retail Banking Officer
Tiana, Retail Banking Officer
Photo of Samantha, Universal Banker
Samantha, Universal Banker

Council Street

Photo of Jackie, Account Executive
Jackie, Account Executive, NMLS 509171
Photo of Kayla, Teller
Kayla, Teller
Photo of Kristin, Teller Supervisor
Kristin, Teller Supervisor
Photo of Rey, Lead Account Executive
Rey, Lead Account Executive, NMLS 616635
Photo of Adam, Teller
Adam, Teller
Photo of Tyler, Teller
Tyler, Teller