Discover Iowa's Creative Corridor

Every day, from the books we read and the films we see to the foods we eat and the healthcare we receive, Iowa's Creative Corridor, a brand identity that represents the people, places and ideals of the 7-county region centered around the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids metro area, touches our lives in many thousands of ways.

A remarkable combination of resources has conspired to make Iowas Creative Corridor a wellspring of intellectual and artistic pursuits, as well as science, commerce and industry. The highly esteemed Iowa Writers' Workshop, and iconic American brands such as Quaker Oats, General Mills and Rockwell Collins, have generated a strong current of talent and influence that continues to flow consistently from the region, touching and persuading lives of people everywhere. Recognized as a center of creative and economic renaissance, Iowa's Creative Corridor draws innovators ranging from Pulitzer-Prize winning writers to research engineers and digital cottage industries to some of the world's most advanced companies. A seed planted here in the rich soil of Iowa's Creative Corridor not only grows to its potential but its fruit finds its way to the far corners of the globe while its roots stabilize, support, and sustain an entire region.

What's there to do in Iowa's Creative Corridor? The answer - plenty! Visit Iowa's Creative Corridor to view a snapshot of all the great things we have to offer.