CRBT Raving Fan

CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats


“I think every business that serves the public claims to have the best people and the best service. But let’s face it, they can’t all be the best. For CRBT this is not a marketing slogan; it’s a way of doing business and is part of their culture by choice. It is the CRBT people who continue to really make the difference for both my business and my family’s banking needs. They are capable and they are caring. It is hard to imagine in today’s world, but CRBT always makes us feel like we are their best customers. I believe they treat everyone this way and when they say “thank you,” they really mean it.”

Roger J. Wetlaufer  |  President, CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats

About CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats:

For over 100 years, CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats has served the Greater Cedar Rapids Area by providing exceptional service and products to ensure customer satisfaction. A family-owned company, CITY offers a wide variety of workplace necessities such as uniform rentals, restroom supplies, and custom apparel to name a few. Easy to reach and dependable staff, in addition to unparalleled merchandise, makes CITY not only a great place to conduct business, but also to work. By ensuring top notch service, which is reflected in each product and customer partnership, CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats has embedded itself into the community while continually evolving and growing to meet emerging customer needs. Click here to learn more about CITY Workplace Uniforms & Mats.