9 Tips to a More Professional LinkedIn Profile

1.  A Detailed Profile is a Strong Profile-

  • A LinkedIn Profile is similar to a work resume, where you display your past education information, work experience, skills, current work position and profile picture.

  • Adding a profile headline and summary are helpful to make a great impression. Think of the summary section as your cover letter.

  • Use keywords in your headline, summary and throughout your entire profile.

  • Write in first person

2.  Temporarily Turn Off Activity Broadcast

  • Know when to temporarily turn off your activity broadcast so you can silently update your LinkedIn profile without letting the world know.

  • To do this, go to ‘Settings’, and under ‘Privacy Controls’, you should be able to see ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’.

3.  Proofread Your Entire Profile

  • You don’t want your LinkedIn profile to have any sort of grammatical or spelling errors.

  • Try putting yourself in the eyes of the reader and see if you understand what your profile is about.

  • Basically, treat it like how you would treat a job resume.

4.  Do Not Lie About Anything

  • This is simply not tolerated in the business world.

5.  Customize Your Profile URL

  • By default, your LinkedIn profile URL will consist of random alphanumerical characters.

  • However, you can elect to have a customized profile URL by going to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL. Pick the name you would like to display on your vanity URL. Your profile URL will bear your name, something like ‘linkedin.com/in/JackDoe’.

6.  Have The Right Profile Picture

  • Think through how you want to portray yourself to your potential clients.

  • Having a high-quality, recent profile picture of yourself that appropriately describes your role in your industry, will be the safest bet.

7.  Use LinkedIn On Your Website

  • Once #5 is done, link your LinkedIn profile from your website and/or email signature.

8.  Be Active In LinkedIn Groups

  • Groups on LinkedIn are a place for members to share and participate in a professional setting in a specific industry or area of interests.  (i.e.  your university alumni, specific professions and a variety of associations from all over the world)

  • LinkedIn makes group suggestions or you can “Find a group” by typing in a topic or keyword to see groups you are interested in.

9.  Personalize LinkedIn Email Requests

  • It’s always a good idea to personalize the notes. The receiver would at least get an idea of who you are and if you are up to it, you can even cut to the chase and suggest a business meeting with the person.

  • “I read this article you wrote…I’m also building a career in this field…and I would love to connect with you.”